Things To Do On a Weekend In Raleigh, North Carolina

Hi lovely people! Welcome, again, to HMS Jewels. This post will focus on my favorite things in Raleigh, North Carolina.

I love North Carolina and for most of my life have called it home. Given that I know the area relatively well, I decided to write a post focusing on my favorite aspects of Raleigh, North Carolina and some of my favorite places to eat, grab drinks, or socialize.

Even if you’re just in Raleigh, North Carolina for the weekend there are plenty of places you can go without a reservation or at a moment’s notice. If you are here for longer, this list is also expansive enough to meet your needs. I’ve divided the categories by food, drinks, shopping, and culture. Enjoy! I’ll update this list as I try new places and I have new recommendations to add for visitors, and as always, feel free to drop me an email or reach out via twitter if you have any questions or comments!

If you’ve stumbled upon this post after December 2015, you can find the updated version of this list under “Best of the East Coast: Raleigh, North Carolina” 


For Brunch: Tupelo Honey Cafe or The Oxford in Downtown

For Lunch: Village Deli, located in Cameron Village, perfect for a quick soup and sandwich

For Coffee: Joule Coffee

For Dinner: Warajii for Sushi or another favorite, Caffe Luna for Italian, excellent Gluten-Free options if you have Celiac’s Disease or a gluten/wheat allergy.

For Dessert: Sugarland, also located in Cameron Village, and there is also a location in Chapel Hill, North Carolina!



CocktailsFoundation, a private, “speak-easy” type bar, very cool!

Beer: Village Draft House, over 100 beers on tap!



Boutiques: Cameron Village

Malls: Crabtree



Museums: Museum of Natural Science

Parks: Pullen Park


What are your favorite weekend spots or things to do in the city that you live in? What is your favorite thing to do first when visiting a new city?