December Bucket List

Hi there and welcome!

Recently I started this blog as a creative outlet to express my love of art, fashion, and life in general. I also wanted my blog to be something that would satisfy my interest in computer science and I wanted to learn how to code well.

Since it is the beginning of December, I decided to create a “December Bucket List” of things I would like to accomplish, see, or experience this month.

December Bucket List

1- Go Ice Skating

2- Make homemade Christmas Cookies

3- Decorate a Christmas Tree at my new house entirely by myself

4- Mail Christmas Cards to friends and family!

5- Buy a beautiful cocktail dress to wear to a holiday or Christmas party

6- Take Aria, the puppy, to play in the snow or “winter” weather at the local dog park

7- Paint something to give to a loved one as a Christmas Present

8- Finish my personal statements for law school! (The pressure is on!)

****Update 6/17/16 Got into law school and decided to gain work experience in banking instead

9- Continue learning about Computer Science and how to code optimally

10- Make Homemade Eggnog!

What is on your holiday bucket list? What is your favorite Christmas memory? Is there anything you do every holiday season with friends or family?