Girl Boss Monday – 5 Articles To Read This Week

Hi lovelies, welcome back to HMS Jewels. I hope everyone had a restful and wonderful New Year’s and a breathtaking Christmas and holiday season. Happy Monday!!!

In addition to my resolution this year to consistently start using a DSLR Camera for my fashion and clothing blog posts, I’ve decided that Monday’s will be reserved for career and financial advice geared especially towards the young professional female, whether you are in college, a recent graduate like myself, or still in high school, Mondays on HMS Jewels are going to be “Girl Boss Monday’s.”

I’ll post and write about a curated list of the past week’s happenings and events related to finance, professional development, career advice, etc. etc. all specifically targeted towards women and channeling your inner girl boss 😉


1- This past week Forbes Magazine released their list of who they deemed to be the best in their field, the annual list is called “30 Under 30” and it is divided by category…. check out the “30 Under 30” in Finance and some of the inspiring women on the list here


2- Sallie Krawcheck, formerly head of various investment banking departments at Sanford Bernstein and Bank of America Merrill Lynch just wrote an article about financial advice she would give her daughter, you can read that here


3-  The beautiful and talented Emma Watson just announced she was creating her own book club! Read more and join here


4- Another great article about why 2016 will be beneficial to female entrepreneurs, read the full article from Forbes here

What news sources do you read to stay updated on Current Events? Have you ever joined a book club?