Six Investment Jewelry Pieces You Should Have

Investment Jewelry for All Girls

1- David Yurman Cable Cupcake Earrings // 2- David Yurman Infinity Earrings with Diamonds // 3- David Yurman Small Pendant in Gold // 4- David Yurman Small Infinity Pendant w/ Diamonds // 5-  Pearl Cable Classics Bracelet // 6- Sheila Fajl Hoops  

Happy Monday Lovelies!

Today’s post is going to be short and sweet. I’ve curated a list of beautiful pieces of jewelry that you might be interested in eventually purchasing or wearing, I like to call them investment pieces. Some of the pieces I have chosen on this list I own and I have had them for years, the initial price point was steep but well worth it for the years of use afterward and the versatility the piece provided, such as matching with nearly everything in my wardrobe, never rusting or fading like other cheap jewelry I’ve bought and the happiness of having something unique and timeless I can wear for every date night and girls night for many months and years after!

My favorite pieces from above are 1) any of the cable bracelets from David Yurman are incredible and I love my Sheila Fajl Hoops, they’re handmade in Brazil 🙂 Well worth the $70 price tag for the good quality and thickness of the hoops, one of my go to pieces of jewelry in the past few months.

There are a few things that I think one should look for in deciding if a piece is worth a steep investment and is something I want to keep for years to come…

First, do you normally wear gold or silver? If you hate gold, don’t waste money on something you won’t like wearing later just because it is popular!

Second, I look for a blend of fashionable + classic. For example, I love David Yurman’s bracelets he designs with cable. David Yurman was a sculptor and artist before he was a je
welry designer so there is a certain beauty and style he brings to each of his pieces yet at the same time they are so classic and polished. I’ve been wearing Yurman since I was in middle school and the pieces are just as stylish now as they were when I was much younger!

Third, are the materials that the jewelry is made out of high quality? Is it real gold and not plated? Are the gemstones real?

Finally, get your jewelry in the CORRECT size, I don’t care what type of jewelry store your boyfriend, father, mother, grandmother, whoever recommends you shop at, you should purchase something in the correct size instead of having it sized to fit you. A jewelry store may claim that they can resize something to fit you but you risk warping the piece of jewelry, this is extremely rare but it’s super easy to just have your ring size measured or purchase a necklace length that is appropriate for your height and body type.

Often jewelry stores want to make a quick sell and if perhaps you are a Size 7 in a ring but they have a Size 5 or 6 in stock they will encourage you to go ahead and purchase it and have the store size it up or down for you, don’t do this! Just order the correct size from the jewelry manufacturer!

Is there a piece of jewelry you wear every day? Is there a style of jewelry you can’t live without?