Girl Boss Monday – Learning About Computer Science

Happy Monday! Here’s the latest installment of Girl Boss Monday!

I should mention, the primary goal of this series is to provide a recap of the top five pieces of news related to women in the past week. I try to choose things that I think are especially relevant to the women who read my blog: smart, intelligent millennial women who want to have the best balance between their work and personal life.

1- I thought this article was fascinating because it describes how Blythe Masters is pioneering new technology to make trading stocks faster and easier (this is huge news, normally when you trade a stock it can take hours or days for the trade to go through and you can lose time and money if the share price changes depending on the brokerage company you’re working with) If you’re curious about how investing technology is changing read more here

2- I know I keep repeating over and over again the importance of  women investing for themselves but it’s SO CRUCIAL… women live longer than men and because of the gender pay gap they make less money so they in fact have to work longer and harder to retire at the same level of comfort and security…. not so if you start investing your money smartly and wisely. Read the full article here (“8 Myths that Hold Women Back from Investing”)

3- On the above note, here’s the best investment advice for women now: read here

4- This is an interview with Adriana Gascoigne, CEO and founder of Girls in Tech, Inc. about the importance of encouraging more girls learn how to code and more importantly get excited about coding and technology! read it and listen to it here

(Spoiler: If you have a self-hosted blog or are blogging in general you’ve probably already gotten your feet wet in regards to learning some manner of coding or knowledge about computer science… if you’re ever looking for a career change consider that a lot of computer science and technology courses are self-paced and can be done on your own time and independently… that’s a pretty powerful concept when you think about the flexibility a career like that could give you if you’re trying to balance life, work and family/loved ones)

Are any of you learning how to code or interested in technology or computer science?

Or, are any of you interested in making the jump to blogging full-time with all the accompanying digital marketing, graphic design, content creation and analytics that come with it?

It is so exciting to me to see the growth of the technology industry and how many people are making the jump to careers that give them more flexibility and freedom but also provide a steady income… there are a lot of options from blogging to website design and development services to offering advice or career expertise via an online platform. 

5- Finally, if you don’t do anything else today please take a look at the Gates Foundation’s  Annual Letter. They focus on the unequal distribution of time between men and women. Did you know that women do the primary amount of unpaid work around the house compared to men? In India this ratio is SIX TO ONE…. how ridiculous is that? In 2016, the majority of women work full-time… why should they also be responsible for cooking, cleaning, taking care of children and everything else that goes into calculating “unpaid labor” all on their own? Please speak up in your own relationships and life and make sure that there is an equitable division between you and your partner.

Read the full Gate’s Letter here if you’re curious about learning more about “time poverty”

How do you guys balance work at home versus your regular job? How do you divide up the work fairly between your significant other and yourself if you have one?

Here’s an interesting graphic to better illustrate the points I just mentioned: