Girl Boss Monday – Blogging Tips

Hi friends! I am so sorry for the late post and especially sorry to those of you who normally read this on Monday mornings. I normally try to schedule my posts so that they go live by 6am but that doesn’t always happen and sometimes the beach happens 🙂

1- How Tech Killed Fashion Week – Another excellent article from Amy Boone about how technology is disrupting the fashion industry.

2- Barriers Today for Women –  Excellent and unbiased article from NPR about barriers to success for women today that aren’t as obvious or visible as previous generation’s barriers to women

First, much of today’s bias is implicit, not explicit. Women are much less likely to be told that they don’t belong in the lab, and people may be less likely to believe that they don’t. But both men and women are influenced by implicit biases — stereotypes and associations that can subtly and unconsciously influence their decisions and evaluations regarding others and themselves. For instance, one recent study found that both male and female participants were twice as likely to select a man over a woman to complete a mathematical task, even when they had no evidence that the man would perform the task better.

3- 25-year-old Caitlin Covington turns Southern-sweet fashion blog into gold Everyone reading Girl Boss Monday right now should stop and read this lovely and well-written article about Caitlin Covington. I went to college with her at UNC-Chapel Hill and it is so exciting to see a fellow blogger have so much success! (Speaking of #girlbosses) I am endlessly fascinated by millennial women supporting themselves with real salaries doing things they truly love and are truly passionate about. Blogging? Fashion? Art? Music? Digital Media? You can make it happen!
4- Every Resource a Full-Time Freelancer Could Ever Need (Plus Some)


5- Michelle Obama teams up with Missy Elliott and Kelly Clarkson.. This was too cute not to share 🙂 Go Michelle!