Ten Tips For Managing Anxiety As A Busy Millennial


ten tips to deal with anxiety and stress for the busy millennial

Hi friends! Happy Monday – I hope it has been short and productive for each of you.

Today I’m writing about my favorite ways to manage anxiety and stress – in both your career and academic life. I went to a very competitive college and it took some time before I developed strong coping skills to manage anxiety and stress, it’s my hope that the following tips will be something to tuck away and when you need these tips you can refer back to this post. I wish I had not of learned how to manage stress the hard way but I’m glad I finally did!

If you have other tips or tricks I would love to hear them, I swear by bubble baths and my sweet puppy but if there is anything interesting or helpful you do to stay focused and anxiety-free please let me know in the comments, I’m always looking for more help.

ONE – Maintain a consistent sleeping schedule

A consistent sleeping schedule keeps your body in a routine and when you have a plan and agenda for the day there’s not anxiety about what you need to accomplish during the day you’ve already laid out your game plan to conquer the day – plus your brain and body CRAVE sleep – it helps restore your skin, nails, body and keeps your brain healthy – when you perform at your best your leave less room to be anxious over something you could have done different or better.

TWO – Limit caffeine during the day and eliminate caffeine at night

Caffeine is a stimulant and will make anxiety worse! Stick to a cup of coffee or two during the day and try to relax at night with a cup of tea or smoothie or anything caffeine free.

THREE – Exercise

Take care of your body. Exercise is so good for your both mentally and physically – an improved figure isn’t the only positive to working out it also keeps your brain healthy and focused.

FOUR – Designated “wind-down” time

At night, after work, I try to limit electronics and read a good book, have dinner with my sweet boyfriend, walk my dog, anything to disconnect from the daily grind. I LOVE working but having a healthy work-life balance is crucial for minimal anxiety and good mental health. I try not to work after the hours of 6pm every night unless I have a big deadline or there is something that absolutely needs my attention.

I set boundaries and I am better for it (plus I feel powerful and happy doing it, so an added benefit :))

FIVE – Be conscious of your alcohol consumption

Other than the health risks and weight gain, alcohol can cause anxiety levels to spike – limit your alcohol consumption to the weekends or a glass of wine every now and then. Your brain and attitude will thank you.

SIX – Ask for feedback from your boss or professor or whoever is in a position of authority over you

Do you know that pit in your stomach when you’re going in for your annual review with your boss or you’re receiving the grade for that term paper you worked so hard on?

Reduce your anxiety and stress the next time around by asking for constructive feedback so you can truly understand your performance, your strengths, your weaknesses, etc. etc.

SEVEN – Leverage your support network

Your friends and family LOVE you, they care about you and they want to see you succeed. Lean on them when you are stressed and anxious and take time to laugh and do nothing with the people closest to you.

EIGHT – Be Frivolous Sometimes

The little things in life are the big things – don’t forget to buy yourself a gorgeous bouquet of roses to keep in your office during the week, or enjoy a glass of red wine on a Friday or buy that handbag you’ve been eyeing all season, within reason of course 🙂

NINE – Drink plenty of water – (no really)

Water is good for your skin, body, metabolism and brain. Hydrate and take care of yourself.

TEN – Turn off screens before bedtime

Keeping your iPhone or computer on until late at night is horrible for you – your body can’t wind down and you won’t sleep as peacefully… don’t forget to disconnect.

What are your favorite ways to deal with stress and anxiety? Whether you work full-time in any field or are still a college or high school student I would love to hear your tips and tricks!

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