6 Career Tips To Use Right Now – Girl Boss Monday

financial and career tips girl boss monday

ONE  “Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff” – This is old advice but it is true and it is accurate. Focus on what you can control and let go of the rest. In both your professional life and your personal life you should prioritize and then act.

TWO  Set up systems and processes – This means setting up automatic and routine systems to make your life easier, that might be automatic bill-pay, a certain amount of money transferred into a retirement account every month, cleaning a certain part of your house each day (kitchen, vacuuming, etc.) – whatever the process is make it easy and automatic and let autopilot do the rest.

THREE Outsource what you dislike – I learned this the hard way. There is a finite number of hours in the day and you cannot do it all and you will be better off if you don’t try. Research suggests that if we outsource what we don’t like we are happier and more relaxed overall, this ties back into setting up systems and processes. If you don’t like cleaning and work long hours, hire someone to clean your house and make sure they come on the same day every month. For example: set up your cleaning on the last Friday of every month and set a calendar reminder, it will become routine and you’ll remember to leave money or set up an automatic payment method.

FOUR Take calculated risks – You will never have all of the skills required for the dream job you want and that’s ok – you will learn it and it will be OK. Find the balance between sitting on the sidelines and being reckless with your time, energy and finances… remember “Fortune favors the bold.”

FIVE  Invest the surplus.  If you have extra cash or capital do one or all of the following: pay it forward, reinvest in an activity or venture you love, invest for the future

SIX Everything is negotiable. Remember that not everything is financial – you can negotiate other perks for yourself such as more paid time off, remote work, education, increased healthcare benefits, etc… just have the courage to ask and advocate for yourself. 9/10 times the worst that will happen is someone will say no and that’s not such a bad things – you’ve learned valuable communication and negotiation skills and upped your resilience and courage.