A Brief Review of Veritas Vineyard and Winery in Charlottesville, Virginia

Veritas Vineyard and Winery is one of my favorite vineyards and this is a brief review of the establishment. It is the first of a four part series on the best vineyards in Charlottesville, Virginia and the surrounding area. Over the years, I have visited Charlottesville several times and each time thoroughly enjoy the trip. I’ve experienced the city and the wine culture in a new and distinctive way each time. One thing to note if you are on a budget, the vineyards are not located in Charlottesville proper, so if you would prefer to stay outside of the city in order to save money that’s doable. If you stay outside of Charlottesville, it might actually be more convenient to some vineyards.

One of my favorite vineyards to visit while staying in Charlottesville is Veritas Vineyard. There are a couple of reasons why Veritas shines above the other vineyards on the Monticello Wine Trail.

Atmosphere At Veritas Winery

Veritas allows you the option to sit outside on a beautiful wrap-around porch area, outside on their grounds or inside in a beautiful open area. The inside is tastefully decorated with neutral accents and gorgeous leather furnishings. This winery is a gorgeous vineyard and overall has a casual but elegant atmosphere where you can comfortably spend 30 minutes for a tasting or a few hours enjoying the wine and company.

The winery also has a number of different events during the summer – concerts, brunches, etc. These events add another dimension to wine tastings and make a fun night out.

Overall, I really like the laid-back and fun atmosphere of this vineyard. It’s a gorgeous space but it’s not super pretentious as vineyards go sometimes..

Food at Veritas Winery

One of the main reasons I personally love Veritas is that they have AMAZING and fairly priced food (you won’t find a $50 charcuterie platter here!) The Veritas food menu contains a wide variety of things on it like sandwiches, salads, bottled water, etc. I recommend stopping in the middle of the day for lunch or a snack. It’s also a great spot to stop at in the middle of the day for a longer break. Other vineyards tend to not have any food at their vineyard or the selections are limited to simple snacks.

I love the goat cheese and fig sandwich, the BLT, any of the olive selections and the $20 charcuterie board. The charcuterie board is gigantic and worth the price tag. Get it to split with 2+ people.

You can also bring your own food to Veritas and have a picnic their as long as you don’t bring food inside.

Variety of Wines at Veritas Winery

Veritas has an enormous variety of wine – red, white and sparkling and different grape varieties within those types of wine. In addition, the price for a tasting is reasonable – something like $7 or so the last time we visited.

Veritas has some incredibly unique wines made with grape varieties you cannot find anywhere else without traveling abroad. The Petit Manseng is a good example – it’s a unique dessert wine – slightly sweet but dry at the same time. Something to consider trying among other options if you want a wine that’s more unique.

Scenery at Veritas Winery

As I mentioned previously, the atmosphere at Veritas is wonderful. To complement the atmosphere, the scenery and view of the surrounding vineyards at Veritas is beautiful. I love all the scenery and views in the Shenandoah Valley region and Veritas has an awesome overlook.

You can bring your dog to Veritas as long as you don’t bring it inside, so feel free to bring a group and take turns going inside to taste wines or purchasing wines while someone stands watch outside with the pups.

It’s worth mentioning that Veritas has a large ballroom area where they host weddings and it’s possible to rent the entire winery to get married at.

Wine Club

Veritas has an awesome wine club! It’s $50 a quarter for 3 of their current wines. The price also goes down the more you buy, so if you purchase 6 or 12 wines per quarter you pay less.

The types of wine that Veritas produces include: Cabernet Franc, Chardonnay, Viognier, Merlot, Claret, Petit Verdot, Rosé, Petit Manseng, Scintilla (interesting sparkling option), etc.

Summary of Veritas Winery

There are TONS of vineyards to visit on your trip to Charlottesville, Virginia, but Veritas would be my recommendation to start with. Other vineyards to start with include the following: Pippin Hill Vineyard, Jefferson Vineyards and Afton Mountain Vineyards. These vineyards will be written about in the subsequent parts of this four part series on wineries in Virginia.

If you end up visiting Veritas Vineyards and Winery – I’d love to know your thoughts. In addition to your thoughts as to how it compared to other vineyards on the Monticello Wine Trail.

You can also check out Flying Foxes Vineyard, located near Veritas, it is owned by the same family . Flying Foxes produces both wine and vermouth (a sweet liquor). The vineyard may be worth checking out if you’re in the mood for something other than wine or something more unique on your trip.

The vineyard doesn’t quite have the atmosphere/size of Veritas Vineyard but it is a really cute spot to stop at. If you visit the vineyard, the vermouth is wonderful. They typically have a different vermouth creation for each season of the year.